Boys Junior Varsity Wrestling, Boys Varsity Wrestling · How to become a better wrestler!

There are countless ways to improve as a wrestler – but we need to make the most of the time between now and November.
As with any sport, the best way to improve, is to spend more time practicing AND COMPETING. That being said,
I’d like our kids to wrestle as much as possible between now and November. Therefore, several of the HS kids will be training at Level UP 2-3x a week. Possibly joining Team GA for National Duals (various age groups).
Don Mitchell (JR high coach/coordinator) is going to have an “open room” at least once a month, hopefully more often depending on “need”.
We are planning for a pool party end of May/beginning of June- kids can have fun, parents can learn what needs to be done…
I will be taking my wrestlers (that are available) to a training/competition camp at UTC June 15-18.
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Please contact me if you have questions and/or need more information!